ACCA and CIMA are two world class qualifications which will always be relevant, because of the professional bodies willingness to adapt and modify the qualifications to the changing business environment. Although they are the premier qualifications around the world, they never had a strong foothold in India. But in this new era of globalisation and with the need for uniform standards, things are changing and the importance of ACCA and CIMA in India are set to multiply manyfold. We aim to make our own contribution to that change by promoting ACCA and CIMA and providing the best tuition for the same.


One of the questions that irritate any Chartered Accountancy student is "How many years is your CA qualification?". The answer varies with each student and we can answer it only after completing the exams. Although the structure and names of each stage change from time to time, all chartered accountancy qualifications around the world involve passing a certain number of papers arranged in different groups and also getting the stipulated experience.

The time taken to pass the exams will depend on many factors like the intellect of the student, the effort or amount of time spent, quality of classes taken and luck. It has not been proved that the time taken to pass the exams have any correlation with success in career.

When these are the facts, some tuition providers in Kerala, tried to package world class Chartered Accountancy qualifications like ACCA and CIMA into 2 year and 3 year courses and sold it to students and this had disastrous effect on students. For the top students, it slowed down their progression, instead of taking four papers at a time, they were given only two and as for the weaker students, they were overloaded and sometimes given classes for higher level papers when they haven't passed the lower level papers. This caused many such students to dropout of the courses.

The Mission of School of Accountancy and Management is to rectify this situation. We offer paper based classes and students can decide their own pace. We are here to make a profit, but the promise we make to our students is that the advice we give you will be the one that suits you and not the one that will suit our financial objectives.


Experienced faculty

Mix of professionals and academicians with years of industry experience and relevant teaching experience in ACCA and CIMA.

Easily Accessible by Public transport

Located at Pathadipalam on the NH 47 near Kerala History Museum and KIMS Hospital 1 km from Lulu shopping mall and walking distance to Public transport.

Informed administrative staff

Administrative staff who are familiar with the professional courses we are catering and with the ability to guide you through all the aspects of your qualification.

Friendly Atmosphere

A B-School with a relaxed atmosphere where we let the students to be responsible for themselves than enforcing discipline as if its a primary school. We have no Uniform.

Wifi enabled campus

Air Conditioned classrooms

Underground parking


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